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High Voltage Electrical Safety Mats

For under electrical panels, fuse boxes, transformers and near high voltage electrical apparatus

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corrugated switchboard mat
A Power Panel Stores/Produces More than 50,000 Volts Alternating Current (VAC). High Voltage Switchboard Matting Saves Life's.

CWF Flooring, Inc. Group of Companies is a worldwide trusted leader in sales of switchboard matting, anti static floor mats, electrical safety matting, high voltage safety mats for hazardous electrical environments for industry and military applications. CWFs electric safety mats are engineered to meet all safety standards for American and International requirements. Our US made switchboard safety matting are certified and tested to meet required safety standards.

CWF produces all types of electrical switchboard matting, anti-static mats for dielectric, anti-static areas. Meets Mil Specs, ASTMD-178, OSHA for electrical switchboard matting. Insulating switchboard matting is tested with accurate military and commercial technical data and values. All electrical safety mats can be used in a high voltage environment. CWF Flooring, Inc. ESD matting will guard employees and staff against accidental electrical and static shock. In addition, our quality anti-static, electrostatic discharge mats and switchboard matting shields electrical equipment from electrostatics.

For more information call our sales department: Tel. 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701 Text: 1-323-420-6794

switchboard matting
Whats the difference between switchboard matting and anti static floor mat?
Switchboard matting is designed to protect people from high voltage. Vinyl switchboard mats will insulate workers from the dangers of electrical equipment. Electrical contractors are required to use high voltage matting.
Whereas,anti static floor mat protects electrical components and equipment from electrostatics that can damage sensitive electrical equipment and cause breakage and/or effect the performance of calibrations.
In a nut shell, Switchboard mats protects people anti static floor mat shields electrical equipment. Estimate Request

3/8 inch high voltage mat

75ft. high voltage mat

20000 VOC Mat30000 VOC Mat40000 VOC Mat50000 VOC Mat

corrugated switchboard mats

Rubber Mats and Electrostatic Discharge Mats for Electrical Safety Are Produced in Four Thicknesses, 3/16" 1/4" 3/8" and 1/2"

diamond plate switchboard mats
Alternating High Voltage Corrugated Mats Are Produced in 2, 3, or 4 Feet Wide Widths

Corrugated Switchboard Matting

Electrical Safety Mats

1/4" Thick, Type II, Class 2 Switchboard Corrugated Switchboard Mats For Electrical Safety & Anti-Static

Diamond & Corrugated switchboard mats can be used as an anti static mat- are non-conductive, compounded and corrugated mat with a diamond texture for use in high voltage, fuse box and high static work areas. Corrugated mats have electrostatic discharge properties.

Diamond-plate electrical safety ESD mat rolls conform to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements for electrical machinery and meets ASTMD-178.
Said requirements via safety data is met via the entire mat surface. In addition, our Corrugated & Diamond Switchboard Matting is flame, oil and ozone resistance.

corrugated anti-static mat

The yellow safety boarder is an option on our high voltage switchboard mats. As well the yellow border will add an industrial appearance and broadcast to workers that safety is a priority with your company. Estimate Request

mat with yellow border20000 volt mat
  • A specialty compounded non-conductive corrugated matting designed to help prevent electric shock around high voltage electrical equipment, such as fuse boxes, and control panels.
  • Now meets all optional requirements for Ozone resistance, Flame Resistance, and Oil Resistance.
  • Tested to ASTM D/178/ANSI J6.7 Certification engraved on back.
  • A high quality high voltage safety matting.
  • Anti static as well.
  • Technical Specifications 3/16" Thick - Switchboard Matting Class 1 Type II Product Data
Corrugated high voltage electric floor mats and electrostatic discharge mats will provide anti-slip feature for a business that cant afford slips. With this added feature, your dielectric mat and be dual purposed; an anti-slip mat and an electrical safety mat. Grounding mats and insulating platforms consists of mats strategically located on and near conductive flooring. Consult your company safety expert to determine the best location to place grounding mats and insulating platforms.
Type II, Class 1 Corrugated Switchboard Mats
Corrugated Switchboard Mat Rolls

3/16" Thick - Type II, Class 1 Corrugated Switchboard Mats
Dielectric Mat Test Voltage: 22.000 VAC
Proof tested entire surface at 10.000 VAC
Rec. Max. use voltage: 7.500 VAC
Mat Color: Black
Size Weight Ea

Price Roll

3´ x 75´ 3.9 lbs. $821

Quantity :
Size :
1/4" Thick - Type II, Class 2 Switchboard Mats
Dielectric Test Voltage: 30.000 VAC
Proof tested entire surface at20.000 VAC
Rec. Max. use voltage: 17.000 VAC
Color: Solid Black (3' & 4' only)
Size Weight Ea

Price Per Roll

2´ x 75´ 3.5 lbs. $822
3´ x 75´ 5.2 lbs. $1025
4´ x 75´ 6.8 lbs. $1641
Size Weight Ea

Price Per Linear Foot

2´ wide 3.5 lbs. $18.40
3´ wide 5.2 lbs. $23.00
4´wide 6.8 lbs. $36.80

Quantity :
Size :
3/8" Thick - Type II, Class 3 Switchboard Mats
Dielectric Mat Test Voltage: 40.000 VAC
Proof tested entire surface at 30.000 VAC
Rec. Max. use voltage: 26.500 VAC
Color: Black
Size Weight Ea

Price Roll

3´ x 75´ 577 lbs. $1704

Quantity :
Size :

1/2" Thick - Type II, Class 4 Switchboard Mats
Dielectric Mat Test Voltage: 50.000 VAC
Proof tested entire surface at 40.000 VAC
Rec. Max. use voltage: 36.000 VAC
Color: Black
Size Weight Ea

Price Roll

3´ x 30´ 10.7 lbs. $2307
Size Weight Ea

Price Per Lin. Ft.

3´ wide 10.7 lbs. $129

Quantity :
Size :
For more information call the Sales Department 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701

smooth electrical safety mat
Smooth Textured Mat Rolls For High Voltage Areas are Produced Up to 75 Feet Long


Anti Static Floor Mat

mil spec mat

⅛″ Smooth Anti Static Floor Mats Conforms to MIL SPEC. MIL-DTL-155626, Type II

Anti static floor mats tops are smooth and meets military specifications. Switchboard mat and electrostatic discharge mats surface is textured for sure non-slip floating.

Mat applications are for avionics, marine, commercial and industrial to protect workers in a high voltage area such as work benches, distribution boards or switch gears and can provide anti static protection for electrical equipment.

With respect to maintenance, the smooth-top anti static floor mats is the less laborious to clean. The diamond-plate and corrugated switchboard matting are the more labor intensive to clean.

Estimate Request

switchboard matting mil dtl 15562g
Conforms to MIL SPEC, MIL-DTL-15562G, Type II Mil Spec Smooth Top Switchboard Mats
  • Conforms to MIL SPEC, Switchboard Matting MIL-DTL-15562G, Type II.
  • This specification is approved for use by all interested commands of the department of the Navy and the Marine Corps and is available for use by all other Departments and Agencies of the department of Defense.
  • Mil Spec Smooth Top Switchboard Mats Product Data
1/8" Thick - TMil. Spec. Mil-DTL-15562G, Type II
Dielectric Test Voltage: 30.000 VAC
Proof tested entire surface at 15.000 VAC
Rec. Max. use voltage: 3.000 VAC
Color: Black, Blue, Green
Size Weight Ea

Price Roll

3´ x 75´ 245 lbs. $1067
Size Weight Ea

Price Per Lin. Ft.

3´ wide 3.3 lbs. $24

Quantity :
Size :
Color :
A company that fails to meet OSAH Electrical Safety guidelines will face serious legal consequences complicated with civil law suits by employees. Improper usage of electrical safety mats could lead to serious injury or death.
Its is crucial that electrical safety mats are used when working near switchboards, electrical panels, and all electrical machinery.
Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) States:
Subchapter 4. Construction Safety Orders Article 3. General "1518. Protection from Electric Shock. (a) Suitable protective equipment or devices shall be provided and used on or near energized equipment for the protection of employees where there is a recognized hazard of electrical shock or burns."

electrical safety mat

Electrical Safety Matting

diamond plate mat

Diamond Electrical Safety Matting Are Available up to 75 Feet.

These electrical safety matting rolls are used by the DOD as well as commercial and industrial uses. Handsome deck plates have a diamond surface. Resistant to sulfuric acid, O-Bomb aging as well as UV rays. Diamond plate high voltage safety mats add an industrial appearance to any electrical environment.
For more information call our sales department: 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701
diamond-plate-mats diamond switch board mats
  • Conforms to MIL SPEC, MIL-DTL-15562G, Type III.
  • Conductive and Static Dissipative, Anti static
  • This specification is approved for use by all interested commands of the department of the Navy and the Marine Corps and is available for use by all other Departments and Agencies of the department of Defense.
  • 3/16" Diamond Texture Switchboard Mat Product Data
  • 1/4" Diamond Texture Switchboard Mat Product Data
3/16" Thick - TMil. Spec. Mil-DTL-15562G, Type III
Dielectric Test Voltage: 30.000 VAC
Proof tested entire surface at 15.000 VAC
Rec. Max. use voltage: 3.000 VAC
Color: Gray
Size Weight Ea

Price Roll

3´ x 75´ 252 lbs. $1499
3´ Wide 3.4 lbs. Lin. ft. $33.60 Lin. ft.

Quantity :
Size :

Dual Purpose Dielectric Anti-Fatigue Mats

This high voltage mat is also an anti-fatigue mat. comfortable and safe for high voltage areas.
For more information call our sales department: 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701
diamond plate dual purpose mat corrugated dual purpose mat
  • This mat has a dual purpose: Anti-fatigue and switchboard and anti-static properties. With total thickness of 0.625 " (15.88 mm) consisting of 3/8" of polymeric sponge base under quarter inch thick, ASTMD-178 corrugated or diamond surfaced switch-board vinyl top. The anti-fatigue sponge base will add comfort to work areas while providing protection from electrical shock.
  • Our dual purpose mat conforms to OSHA for electrical shock and anti-static protection for electrical equipment. Certification is embossed on the back of the mat.
  • Our anti-fatigue and switchboard mat meets optional requirements city by ASTM for flame resistance, ozone and oil resistance
  • Dual Purpose Anti-fatigue- Switchboard Mat Product Data.
  • Sample Certificate of Compliance (CoC)
0.625"(15.88 mm) Recommended Maximum Use Voltage 3,000 VAC
ASTM D-178 Type II, Class 2
Dielectric Test 30,000 VAC
Proof Test Over Entire Surface 15,000 VAC
Color: Black
Size Texture Weight Ea


2´ x 3' x 5/8" Ribbed 15 lbs. $97
2´ x 3´ x 5/8" Diamond w/ Yellow Border 15 lbs. $106
3´ x 4´ x 5/8" Ribbed 30 lbs. $158
3´ x 4´ x 5/8" Diamond w/ Yellow Border 30 lbs $176
3´ x 5´ x 5/8" Ribbed 38 lbs. $190
3´ x 5´ x 5/8" Diamond w/ Yellow Border 30 lbs $213
Size Texture Weight Ea

Call For Price

3´ wide x 5/8" Ribbed 7.5 lbs. $28 per lin. ft.
3´ wide x 5/8" Diamond w/ Yellow Border 7.5 lbs. $33 per lin. ft.
4´ wide x 5/8" Ribbed 10 lbs $41 per lin. ft.

Quantity :
Size :

ASTM-Certified Non-Conductive Mats

ASTM Non-Conductive Mats
  • Our non-conductive mats are ASTM CERTIFIED with a Seal of Approval.
  • Switchboard Matting are Individually tested per manufactured lot.
  • Meet Ozone, VOC, AC/DC proof-test voltage specified by OSHA.
  • Labeled under the guidelines of Occupational Safety and Health Administration Switchboard Matting Requirements.

Ship High Voltage Safety Matting by the Pallet

shock resistant mats
Depending on the mat thickness and length 4-6 rolls can fit on one pallet.
Shipping by the pallet will save on shipping costs. Request an Estimate


Small Electrical Safety Mats


Reflective ESD mat with a anti-fatigue feature. With a resistively of less than 106 OHMS, tested ESD-5.7.1 1994. Two thickness options: 5/8 or 1 Beveled edges add anti-trip features. Size Options: 2'x3'x5/8" , 2'x3'x1" , 3'x5'x5/8" or 3'x5'x1"

2x3 electrical safety mat

Diamond Plate Conductive: A 5/32 thick anti-static mat, Resistively of less than 06 OHMS. Anti-slip diamond texture provide a industrial appearance. Size Options: 2'x3'x9/16" , 2'x3'x1" , 3'x5'x9/16" , 3'x5'x1"


Conductive Smooth Top: Manufactured with resilient foam core, dome covered with 1/8" thick smooth conductive top. Resistively less than 10 ohms. Edges are beveled. Use AA-1-7 ground cord for Static Dissipative Mats (ESD)2'x3'x1/2" , 2'x3'x7/8" , 3'x5'x1/2" , 3'x5'x7/8"

The Polaris Dissipative Sponge Mat has full core through-out static dissipative features. Closed-cell foam with minimal compression. Dual textured, top & bottom and a dual function of anti-fatigue and anti-static. Size Options: 2'x3'x1/2" or 3'x5''x1/2"
Dual Purpose Dielectric: 5/8" thick, corrugated or diamond surfaced switch-board mats laminated to a 3/8" thick, super resilient polymeric sponge base provides employees a comfortable work surface to stand on while providing protection from accidental electrical shock. Rhino switchboard conforms to OSHA requirements for electrical protective devices with certification engraved on back. Rhino Dual-Purpose switch board matting also meets the optional requirements cited by ASTM for flame resistance, ozone resistance and oil resistance.
Quantity :
Size :


Fuse Box Safety Mat

fuse box mat
  • Fuse box safety mats is a staple for residential or commercial electricians who repair/replace breakers, circuit parts for fuses.
  • Class 2 specification, ASTM D178, up to 17KV. A sponge base with a laminated cover will provide anti-fatigue and non-conductive properties.
  • Fuse box Safety Mats are manufactured for personal protective equipment and comfort, they should only be used to offer “temporary” electrical insulation for energized equipment.
  • CWF fuse box safety mats must be used in conjunction with engineering safeguards and should not be used solely against electrician hazards.
  • Overall size 16 × 18 x 5/8"
5/8" Thick -Class 2 specification,
ASTM D178, up to 17KV
Color: BLACK
Size Weight Ea

Price Roll

16" x 18" 17 lbs. $72

Quantity :
Size :

Occupational Safety & Health Administration Stats

According to OSHA electrocutions are in the top four of fatal work related accidents. The rank is as follows:

  1. Falls – 264 out of 774 total deaths in construction in CY 2010 (34%)
  2. Electrocutions – 76 (10%)
  3. Struck by Object – 64 (8%)
  4. Caught-in/between – 33 (4%)

Protect your workers and employees with
CWF Flooring, Inc. anti static & switchboard mats!
Source: www.osha.gov/oshstats/commonstats.html

Cal/OSHA publication on electrical safety recommends the use of a non-conductive surface while working.

OSHA Electrical Safety Test

CWF Flooring, Inc


danger high voltage

Rhino Switchboard Matting


VAC and Physical Specifications for High Voltage Safety Mats
Width Length Type Class Thickness Wt. Per Linear Foot  /Wt. Per Linear Meter  Texture DIELECTRIC TEST VOLTAGE VAC Recommended Maximum Use Voltage VAC
3 ft. (0.91m) 75 ft. (22.86m) II 1 3/16" (4.76mm) 3.9 lbs. (5.80 kg) Corrugated 20,000 7,500
2ft. (0.61m) 75 ft. (22.86m) II 2 1/4" (6.35mm) 3.5 lbs. (5.21 kg) Corrugated 30,000 17,000
3ft. (0.91m) 75 ft. (22.86m) II 2 1/4" (6.35mm) 5.2 lbs. (7.73 kg) Corrugated 30,000 17,000
4ft. (1.22m) 75 ft. (22.86m) II 2 1/4" (6.35mm) 6.8 lbs. (10.12 kg) Corrugated 30,000 17,000
2ft. (0.61m) 75 ft. (22.86m) II 2 1/4" (6.35mm) 3.5 lbs. (5.21 kg) Diamond 30,000 17,000
3ft. (0.91m) 75 ft. (22.86m) II 2 1/4" (6.35mm) 5.2 lbs.  (7.73 kg) Diamond 30,000 17,000
4ft. (1.22m) 75 ft. (22.86m) II 2 1/4" (6.35mm) 6.8 lbs. (10.12 kg) Diamond 30,000 17,000
3ft. (0.91m) 75 ft. (22.86m) II 3 3/8" (9.53mm) 7.7 lbs. (11.45 kg) Corrugated 40,000 26,500
3ft. (0.91m) 30ft. (9.14m) II 4 1/2" (12.70mm) 10.7 lbs. (15.92 kg) Corrugated 50,000 36,000
3ft. (0.91m) 75ft. (22.86m) III Mil Spec 3/16" (4.76mm) 3.4 lbs. (5.06 kg) Diamond 30,000 3,000
About: Non-conductive-mats & High Voltage Mats

worldwide shipments of electrical safety mats

us made rubber electrical safety mats

Frequently Asked Questions
1. We manage an accessory building that connects to another high voltage accessory building. City officials stated we need a high voltage safety mat for our New York based company. Which mat do you recommend?

We cant make a recommendation. There are too many unknown factors to consider. We need to know the maximum voltage & wattage in both accessory buildings, type of floor, type of walls, moisture content on the floor, etc. Please contact your safety coordinator to make a determination. A general rule: Add 5000 VAC over the minimum requirement for added safety.

2. Is there any difference other than aesthetics between the corrugated mats and the diamond-plate switchboard mat?

The corrugated electrical safety mat provides a bit more anti-slip features. The texture of ones shoe sole is more of a determining factor for anti-slip properties than the mat itself, FYI.

3. We manufacture electrical components in a static-free environment. Justifiably so, our production-line employees are complaining that the thin anti-static mats we currently use are too hard. We want to buy an anti-fatigue mat that is also anti-static mat. Can you help our fatigue workers?

We manufacture a Dual-Purpose Dielectric-Anti-Static and anti-fatigue mat thats 5/8 thick. This is a two-ply mat with a foam core layer with a vinyl ply to protect the foam from pre-mature wear and tear. Of course, the vinyl will add additional protection from higher voltage up to 300 VAC, Dielectric Test 30,000 VAC. Mat with yellow safety borders are available.

4. Are CWFs electrical safety mats certified by ASTM?

Absolutely yes! All our anti-static, electrical safety mats and non-conductive mats and switchboard mats are embossed with a seal of certification. Be assured and secured with CWFs switchboard mats. We are the worldwide trusted leader in electrical safety mats.

5. Our production facility has 20 work stations that need anti-static floor mats. Would it be more economical to buy a 75 foot roll or (20) 3 x 4 mats? And also, can our maintenance dept. cut these anti-static mats by hand?

Most likely buying a 75 foot anti-static mat roll would be more economical. And yes, this can be cut my hand. For an estimate, please visit: http://switchboardmat.com/#estimate

6. can a forklift drive over the electrical switchboard matting without damaging the mat?

Yes. However, make sure the forklift is not stationary when turning the wheels. This will damage the electrical switchboard matting.

7. our research center is working on a [top secret] with [top secret] to produce [top secret]. Static-electricity can cause explosions, as you know. We need a static-free room. Please advice.

Well, well, without providing details we suggest installing anti-static matting on the floor, wall and ceiling. A long anti-static entrance mat is also recommended. As well, researcher must wear anti-static clothes, shoes and hair net. Contact your chief safety engineer for resolutions.

8. We want to use a rubber mats for high voltage area. Can we do that?

No. High voltage mats are strictly tested and certified to meet the required VAC, Dielectric Test Voltage, Max Use Voltage, Flammability, etc. There are dangerous consequences if the incorrect mat is used.

9. The subject area for your high voltage mats in a industrial basement with high moisture? The recommended VAC, according to the electrical engineer is 40,000 VAC. However, since it's moist we figure we should increase the engineer recommendation to 50, 000 VAC. What do you suggest?

We do not know enough details to make a recommendation. Moisture is water and water is conduct able. Increasing the thickness of the high voltage mat is recommended in the subject area. Please contact your licensed electrical engineer for accurate advise.

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